Friday, 6 December 2013

The Good Web Guide's Favourite Blogs

This week we've turned the tables and the GWG team has chosen some favourite blogs.

Alice's Favourites

Lucy Will Show You - Attention to detail? Check? Insightful reviews on all manner of upmarket hotels and restaurants? Check. A veritable smorgasbord of uber chic design fodder. Check. Visuals to die for - check.

Me and My Big Mouth  - Just quite simply the best literary blog I know; discerning reviews, fascinating trivia and there's even the odd comment on apps. For those of a literary persuasion Scott Pack's opinions are extremely welcome.

I Know this Great Little Place - A recent find, excellent restaurant reviews, with an added bonus on the more underground pop ups and speakeasies of the capital - I just read this review of the new pop up The Wandering Chef at Maison des Artistes and have booked, so now you'll know exactly where to find me.
(Funnily enough a couple of our guest editors have chosenthis blog in the past, Kirsty Hathaway of Beach Tomato and Kally Ellis of McQueens, the florists.)

Arabella's Favourites

"It's difficult to choose a favourite blog and I'm always veering towards the foodie ones.  Smitten Kitchen has been a long time favourite, it's my kind of cooking. Gorgeous photography, easy to follow recipes from the New York based Deb Perelman. A favourite blog that I have enjoyed in the past has been Charlie and Caroline Gladstone's blog, which has introduced me to new music on more than one occasion. It hasn't been updated for a while though.

Christina's Favourite

Scarfolk Council - Scarfolk is a very realistic, completely made up Northern English town stuck in the 70s. The blog, run by screenwriter Richard Littler, consists of illustrations that are almost too real - there's tourist information (about Scarfolk's best suicide spot), postcards (featuring the town's popular "baby marinade sun oil") and educational posters ("Never go with strange children"). Out of all the blogs I read, this is definitely the weirdest.

Emily's Favourite

Hyperbole and a Half  - Funny, insightful, deadpan, sad and utterly brilliant, out of all the blogs I've ever read, this is the most original and compelling. It is authored by Allie, whose character is revealed, not by a trite 'About' blurb (where she has instead drawn a unicorn), but by the sharp observation and cadence of her writing and her wonderfully charismatic cartoons. Her recent post on depression (explaining her 18 month absence from the blog) provides a unique insight into this debilitating condition and her battle to fight through it.

Nick's Favourite

The Moz Blog - This stared life as a SEO blog but has now metamorphosed into a wider remit with postings covering many aspects of webtech from social strategy to technical development and beyond. A must for anyone building or running an online business.

Teri's Favourite

My Favourite blog of all time which I read weekly is Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Emily Schuman, the lady behind the blog is an American who blogs about food, interior design, beauty and of course my own passion fashion. The photography on her site is amazing and her blog celebrates the little things in life - my guilty pleasure!