Thursday, 19 December 2013

10 Festive Tips for Dressing Your Home This Christmas

Sherry Roberts is the brains behind The Longest Stay, the first interactive online ‘click and buy' interiors magazine. Working alongside a team of international stylists, Sherry scours the globe finding designer home accessories, gifts and designer furniture that are rare and beautiful. Here Sherry gives her top tips on decorating your home for Christmas.

I am not one to veer away from red and gold during the festive season, but on this occasion I would go all white and make your décor stand out with hints of colour.

Why go white? It’s perfect for creating a spacious environment, but adding those bits of colour is crucial to keep it looking warm and welcoming. Also, everyone loves a ‘white Christmas’; personally I have a soft spot for Santa’s white beard and a big white snowman.

Keeping your décor chic and luxurious can be tricky, but following these simple tips can achieve the perfect look…

1. Add a fresh white wreath decorated with white beads in your bathroom or in a place less expected than your front door.

2. Spray your tree with snow, but don't do it heavily!

3. Use white or silver ornaments and surround them with clear lights.

4. Add delicate snowflakes and icicles to your tree.

5. Place garlands crafted out of beautiful silver or white ribbon on your tree. This is a wonderful way to make it eye-catching to all your guests.

6. Decorate your white winter wonderland with red berries to bring a touch of colour.

7. Dine with white plates and use serviettes embossed with gold, silver or choose a deep red silk napkin.

8.Use white candles with a touch of gold. The aromas in the house say it all, so if you aren't cooking something delightful, then light a candle with a scent for the season.

9. Place a white snow faux fox fur on your sofa to bring out that cosy, warm and welcoming feeling

10. If you decide to use anything old, make sure it doesn't look like it has been sitting in a wrapper for a year. Toss it and start over, better to have quality than quantity.

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