Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Look Who's Talking Now? Read our latest interviews on The Good Web Guide

Will Ramsay, founder of Will's Art Warehouse and the world-renowned Affordable Art Fair, talks bagpipes, rastas and the artist he thinks you should be snapping up now in an exclusive interview. Read the interview

Bec Clarke, founder of luxury online jewellery site, Astley Clarke, counts Nicole Kidman and Sarah Brown amongst her roll call of famous customers. So what's the secret of her success? Where does she like to escape? And what are her top beauty secrets? Read the interview

Rachel Johnson, columnist, author and sister of Boris, is The Lady's 9th editor. So what’s it like to work at this British institution? How are its fortunes being turned around? And what does it mean to be a lady in today’s world? Read the interview


Monday, 1 February 2010

The Month: The best book, blog and film of February.

Each month, we do a round up of the best culture, including book, film and blog reviews. Here are some of our favourites for February.

Film of the Month: A Prophet is a true masterpiece from a director in complete command of his material.

Book of the Month: It's Only a Movie - Mark Kermode might not be as entertaining as his weekly performance on Five Live with his long time civil partner Simon Mayo, but Mark Kermode remains by far the best film critic in the country, if only because he's got nicer hair than Kim Newman.

Blog of the Month: I am Neurotic is a blog for those who cannot read blogs without standing on one leg while humming the opening bars of The Bangles' Manic Monday.