Monday, 11 January 2010

Win a luxurious silver French style bed from Flemington Design.

One lucky winner will win this fabulous Luxury Silver French Bed as shown in the photo, chosen by Kylie Minogue for the launch of her Autumn Winter bed linen collection in 2009.

This luxurious King size bed, measuring 1600mm x 2000mm, features striking and beautifully ornate carved decals, curved legs and club feet and is hand finished in luxurious Silver. The Luxury Silver French bed is usually priced at £925.00, and now available on the Flemington Design Sale page with 25% off £693.75.

Enter the draw here

Closes 31st January!

Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! After a much needed break, we're back and ready to take on 2010. To kick start the new year, here are some of our picks of the month:

Film of the Month: Moon, the feature film debut of director Duncan Jones channels Kubrick's 2001 and Tarkosvky's Solaris but manages to make something new from the fusion. Read our review.

Book of the Month: Open is Andre Agassi's account of his life in tennis and is far superior than the average sports bio. Read our review.

Blog of the Month: /Film (or Slash Film) has news and reviews, trailers, the latest rumours and information on films in production. It covers festivals like Sundance and can count directors like Darren Aronofksy among its readers. Read our review.

And less we forget, here is our pick of the Best Films of the Noughties and the Best Books of the Noughties....