Friday, 25 July 2014

Sports Day Poem by Natalie Trice

Natalie Trice blogs about bags, coffee, shoes and her boys. This poem is her ode to Sports Day.

The grass is cut

The air is sweet

The mums and dads are there to meet

They talk about the day ahead

Some wish they had stayed in bed

The children walk out one by one

Fingers crossed no rain, just sun

The track is straight

The lines are bright

We hope our little ones will do alright

A sea of faces looking keen

A whistle sounds, sharp and mean

Legs and arms moving fast

Little red faces shooting past

A bean bag here

A hoop there

Please come first, if you dare

A sticker, a kiss

A photo for the ones who missed

A picnic lunch

Food to munch

Cakes shared, juice passed

A moments glory in which to bask

Sports day is so much fun

Don’t you agree, everyone?

This poem was originally published on Just Because I Love. Find out more about Natalie, the wanna be novelist and blogger, by visiting and You can also follow Natalie on Twitter @natalietrice.