Thursday, 3 July 2014

Beyond The School Run

As the kids take a break from their studies, can the summer be a time to rediscover our talents and skills? Louise Webster, Founder of thinks so.

I was stopped this morning by a mother at my son’s school, who I have past regularly for the past year.  She stopped me and asked if I was the person who set up and told me she had been following it since launch. She said her youngest child will be starting at school in September and now seemed like the time for her to start thinking about engaging with her skills again and yet how would she do that within the hours available to her.

It made me think about how important this summer break from school can be for us all in starting to think, question, investigate ways in which this can work. This is not a well-trodden route (as I know) so we need to create new paths, explore, test and keep going.  Each of us will make a difference in our choices and inspire others. I was inspired this week when I met a mother from my daughter’s nursery who has been running her social media business in the evenings and is ready to grow it once her daughter starts school this September.  We really can learn from one another, share our experiences and grow together if we can only just open up the conversation.  

Let’s make this summer a time of fun, sun and exploration!  I for one will be looking to share as many opportunities, ideas and connections to you via the website and newsletters this Summer – so just register at and together we can make the greatest difference to our lives and the lives of others.

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