Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Find your joy, peace and confidence in one little circle Stephanie Bavaro, GREATful coach, author and speaker...

As I sit here on this lovely morning pondering what to write for a very special group of readers, I just keep hearing “Go back to the beginning”, so that is exactly what I am going to do.
When I start any GREATful coaching, group coaching, or even my webinar series, we start with your “Circle of Power” as honestly that is as far as we ever need to go to find everything we need and desire. Before I dive into this, may I tell you a little about me?
I'm Stephanie Bavaro, CEO (Chief Empress Officer) of GREATful WOMAN - empowering you to live your dream life by unlocking your sexual self-esteem and leaning into your feminine strengths to find joy, peace and success. Today, I am a GREATful WOMAN, but it wasn't always that way. Eleven years ago, I was depressed, morbidly obese (327 pounds at my heaviest! – for my dear friends in the UK, that’s over 23-stone & 148kg), hated my job and in a long-term relationship that really was just a friendship. I started on a journey, initially just to lose weight and found the keys to joy, as I learned to embrace every aspect of being a woman -- from body to bedroom to babies to boardroom. Today, I am blessed to write, speak, coach and empower women to be the GREATful WOMAN they desire. 
So let’s get the party started.
If you have ever met or worked with me, you know that I love action. Transformation won’t come only in reading or listening to even the most powerful and inspirational people. It is about action – little and often – towards anything you desire. I coach woman and just that idea – anything YOU desire – can be difficult. We live our lives as partners, mothers, sisters, daughters, volunteers, taxi service (all of my yummy mummies are nodding), employee, lover, friend, event planner, etc.
Can any of you relate to this?
It does not matter if you are married or single, children or no children – the demands you put on yourself in addition to what anyone else may need from you can put you in a place of exhaustion, overwhelm, stress, and plain survival.
How does this ring true in your life?
Forget that on top of this you all are gorgeous, sexy, desirous creatures. You give life… how is that for magnificent? Yet, the demands on you from yourself and the world can make allowing for a healthy sexuality (part of what in GREATful WOMAN we call our “sexual self-esteem”) becomes simply a luxury.
Are you ever just too exhausted or frustrated or overwhelmed to take care of you? Are you the first person that gets knocked off list to be taken care of?
A GREATful WOMAN understands that truly to be of service to anyone else (partner, children, friends, family, employer…), you need to take care of you first. That is not selfish; that is smart and loving. Even on airplanes, they remind us to put our oxygen masks on before helping others.
Here is your first step to putting on your oxygen mask:
1.     Stand Up
2.     Look at your feet (from your toes to your heals, from left to right)
3.     With your fingers, draw an imaginary circle around your feet – big enough for you to comfortably stand in, but no room for anyone else.
This is you Circle of Power. We need look no further for peace, joy, confidence and success. How scary AND empowering is that?
Keep standing -- Now, let’s bring it to life.
1.     What color is it? Don’t think about it. Just name the color. There is no right or wrong. Each color has meaning. After you name the color, you can google it to see what it means (I don’t want to give any leading suggestions).
2.     What is its name? Give it a name: a name you love, a real name (mine is Veronica), and it does not matter if the name is male or female?
Keep Standing -- Now, let’s feel it! What three (3) words do you think of when you feel yourself standing in your circle of power? Again, I don’t want to give examples, as I don’t want to impact your instincts. These should be three loving words.
This is where we start; everything else grows from here. You can summon whenever you feel anything negative, remember how this felt, and know it is from here that you can become the GREATful WOMAN (or man!) that you desire. 

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