Wednesday, 14 November 2012

How Blogging Changed My Life... by Annie of 'The Quarterlife Tales of Annie Bean..'

As I sat compiling my list of Christmas gifts to buy I felt suddenly stunned at how quick the year had vanished.  It seemed like only five minutes ago I was welcoming in the New Year, and here I was planning this year’s celebrations along with writing my present shopping list.  As I pondered how fast the seasons had changed with the end of the year getting closer, one thing that had transformed for the better was me and my life.

I’m a very average twenty-something year old with a background in music, arts and events.  I had studied at university to masters level in music industry management, but due to the recession I’d struggled to get a job in that particular field, I was either under experienced or too experienced and nothing seemed to work.  As I approached my late twenties I finally decided enough was enough and took the plunge by following another career path, my days went by happily in my job in events management but I knew I wasn’t completely content... there was something missing.   It was a bit of an unknown void in my life so I started taking part in various activities to help but that feeling just wouldn't budge.  One day my boyfriend suggested I started a blog, his sister was a writer of a very popular Mummy blog and even though that’s not the sort of blog I’d create I decided to give it whirl.  I wasn't a writer and had never studied journalism, therefore was slightly hesitant about how I'd be perceived to the reader.

I pondered for hours trying to figure out what to write about, so I started with what I knew best which was music. I’m quite opinionated and used that skill to my advantage by writing about topics that meant something to me.  I began writing reviews about live gigs and single releases - that’s when I suddenly started to feel that passion within me emerge.  I didn't want to limit myself to just music, as a result I slowly started to layer in my other personal life passions; fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle.  I didn't want to be pigeon holed as a specific type of blogger, I'm a diverse individual and wanted that to come across through my articles. I wanted to produce a blog that was not overly personal, but could hopefully give people something they could relate to, be a good read and maybe inspire them.

One of my key blogging topics of interest is fashion and my personal style; If you’d of met me years ago you'd be possibly wondering how the devil I was invited to London Fashion Week and the Elle Style Awards.  I used to be rather clueless when it came to clothes and how to dress, but It seemed the more I wrote about the subject the more self confidence I gained.  I'd always adored fashion and admired designers and styles but had no confidence to talk about it, somehow my blog gave me the platform to explore that admiration.

I don't really know how my quarter-life tales is interesting to those who visit my site, but I must be writing something that's intriguing because I'm getting more and more hits each month.  I love to write about my life adventures;  perhaps I've been camping in the Lake District, maybe I've had a tea party and tried a new cake recipe, or possibly I have taken part in local race or there's a new hair product I have fallen in love with.  I simply write what I want, how I want and when I want, that's the beauty of blogging there's no restrictions at all, I can indulge in all my loves and that's why it's changed my life for the better.  

I once was a girl confused about my life direction who couldn't land a job where she wanted, I now have the best of both worlds.  I have only been blogging for just over a year and I love every second of it, I just hope my random adventures continue to inspire those who read it. Who knows where this will lead, but all I know right now is that I'm a girl leading a far more confident and happy existence through a blog full of my quarter-life tales.

Annie Bean is the author of 'The Quarter Life Tales of Annie Bean' -
Annie Bean
Blog Writer
The Quarter-life Tales of Annie Bean
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  1. What I love about blogging is that I’m able to create a world for my other selves. I became a playlist master, a literary critique, and so on, until a point came wherein other people turn to me for advices on areas that I didn’t talk about openly. Thank you for sharing this life-changing blog story!

    Darryl Tay

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