Monday, 28 May 2012

Claudia Marodim of Go-British on a Very British Celebration

Lately as you walk down the streets of London, it is almost impossible not to spot a Union Jack flag or souvenirs adorned with The Queenʼs face out of the corner of your eye. And while it may get a bit repetitive, seeing the hundreds of mugs, key chains, post cards and what-have-you spread across the city, it does remind us of this momentous occasion in British history - The Queenʼs Diamond Jubilee.

Coming into her reign at the fresh, young age of 26, Queen Elizabeth II has been doing this job for 60 years, which is about 20 years more than any ordinary person would care to stay working. Her Majesty is now about to turn 86 years old. When you think about it, most people aim to retire around 65, and here she is tirelessly performing a job which she didnʼt even chose to begin with, being constantly watched and attending meetings all the time! That alone deserves a celebration if you ask me.

The Royal family has continuously been a source for speculations on personal style (and head dress), and The Queenʼs style is something weʼve grown quite attached to. Whatʼs interesting about British style is itʼs love of the avant-garde and cutting edge, always pushing boundaries. Her Majesty, on the contrary is classic, consistent, and always put together. The Queenʼs colourful ensembles with matching hat, and de rigueur gloves and pearls have been her signature look for as long as we can remember, at least as far back as the 60s. Queen Elizabeth IIʼs style invokes in us a sense of comfort and warmth; perhaps even more so in these trying economic times, she is someone seemingly unchanging whom we can look to and depend on.

No matter what your opinions on the Monarchy, we canʼt ignore the impact the Royal Family have upon the peopleʼs purchasing habits. From the sell-out styles worn by The Duchess of Cambridge, to the additional attention brands receive once they hold a Royal Warrant, people are attuned to the tastes and choices of the Royal Family. Now whether it is aspirational purchasing, or a true love of the product itself is yours to decide, I like to think itʼs a sort of deep-set British pride. It doesnʼt matter where you are originally from- chances are if you are settled in England, especially London, itʼs because you want to be here. And just living in this great city makes me feel a sort of pride, a connection with British heritage and tradition. And I, for one, find The Queen absolutely adorable. In a generation where we are always second-guessing information, and have to remind ourselves to look up from our phone/computer/iPad every once in a while, a steadfast and true role model such as Her Majesty is just what we need.

Claudia Marodim, the founder of Go-British, is a Brazilian-Italian who fell in love with everything about the culture; from its traditions and manners to its boldness and individuality when dressing up. Go-British showcases a stylish selection of accessories and gifts, all exclusively from the best of British designers and of the highest quality.

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