Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Uniqueness of Everyone and Everything

The internet celebrates an egalitarianism of feeling. No one viewpoint can ever be said to be more enlightened or of greater importance than any other. As a result, online culture, or so it appears to me in the non-Geek constituency, is reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s technologically advanced but culturally barren Brave New World.

‘Crowdsourcing’ or ‘the wisdom of crowds’, to quote two contemporary expressions which locate the creative impulse in the mass, can stifle individuality. It does not automatically follow that unfettered access to a machine of self-expression leads to the expression of anything of particular value.

We are all critics and journalists and writers and photographers and filmmakers and artists now. What matters to us is that we allow for the possibility of mass creativity. But will any of what we are rushing to produce with our new technologies have any significance beyond this moment in time?

Garan Holcombe


  1. Crowdsourcing is a really interesting phenomenon. I've been interested in group consciousness and found it does not necessarily exclude directly self expression

    Millenia man

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  4. A person is everything themselves! We have the potential to be anyone we wish and achieve anything we strive for!

    Self L

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