Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Two brand new channels

The relaunch of the new and improved GoodWebGuide took place at the end of March, with a clearer design and layout, improved navigation, wider pages, an interactive facility through which visitors can now write their own ‘mini reviews’ of recommended sites plus two BRAND NEW CHANNELS.

Entertainment & Culture
This channel helps you to find out what's on when and recommends the best blogs, books and films of the month. We've reviewed countless websites covering sport, museums & galleries, music, reading, writing, theatre and more. Watch out for monthly dispatches from our roving reporter, Rulwynn Mann.

News & Information
This channel provides a huge variety of web resources covering news, consumer advice, legal information, reference sites, genealogy, research services and more. Catch up on the headlines or look up family members, find a job abroad or at home or discuss current affairs come an evening with some like minded souls. It's all there when you need it.

Just use the Index down the left hand side of each page to browse the full list of reviews.

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